Toks Ilorin

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Another Water Story

I spent a lot of time in the Sahara desert not so long ago, before it got very volatile out there with religious fanatics/ fundamentalists and all that… one of my favourite towns was Tamanrasset in the middle of the Algerian desert. U can check it out on the map… I was going from Ain Salah to Tamanrasset with one tourist who i was guiding. After four days driving, a man appeared by a sand dune and flagged us down; he wanted water. I gave him my very last two litres of water and my tourist looked at me as if i was crazy… anyway, i didn't feel thirsty for the next two days till we arrived in Tam as everyone lovingly call it. Neither did I take any of my tourist's water. That shows you that we all have an inner strength that we can learn to use when the chips are down. In that part of the Sahara there are no gas stations or shops or anything else, and there are no roads either. Some people have perished out there. Faith and self-belief can put you through… as well as being able to fix any mechanical trouble… ha ha ha!!!